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Photography Careers

Photographers can expect competition for job openings. The interest in a photography career is so high that there are more professional photographers interested in positions as commercial and news photographers than the number of photography jobs available. Photography professionals who succeed in landing a salaried job or attracting enough work to earn a living by freelancing are likely to be very creative, able to easily adapt to rapidly changing technology, and adept at operating their own business. Related work experience, job-related training, or some unique talent or skill — such as a background in electronics or computers — is also beneficial to prospective photographers. 

The employment opportunities for photographers is expected to increase about as fast as the average for all occupations through 2010. The demand for portrait photographers should increase as the population grows. Also, as the number of electronic versions of journals, magazines, and newspapers grows on the Internet, photographers will be needed to provide digital images for placement online.

Employment growth of photographers will be constrained somewhat by the widespread use of digital photography. Though it increases photographers’ productivity, improvements in digital technology will allow individual consumers and businesses to produce, store, and access digital photographs on their own. Declines in the newspaper industry will reduce demand for photographers to provide still images for print. However, there will always be employment opportunities for photographers who are interested in taking photos in portrait studios for those interested in professional photography or out in the field for special occasions and events.

Career opportunities include:

  • Photographer
  • Photographic Lab Technician
  • Digital Image Specialist
  • Computer artists
  • Commercial Photographer
  • Portrait Photographer
  • Medical Photographer

If you are interested in becoming a professional photographer, it may be helpful to talk to other professional photographers and learn about their career backgrounds. They have already established themselves in the photography industry and taken the steps necessary to succeed in this competitive business, so they are likely to have some additional tips on how to establish your own career.