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Photography Careers: Photojournalism

When you look back to famous magazine covers throughout history for powerhouse publications like Time and Rolling Stone, you are undoubtedly taking a trip through the photojournalism hall of fame. Behind every legendary shot is one camera and one man or woman who was in the right place at the right time.

However, great photography careers are based on more than just luck. They also require a level of daring that can put the photographer in harm's way. Photojournalists are willing to do anything for the perfect shot and refuse to take no for an answer. Many get the vital skills they need to make it in this competitive industry from photography school.

To become a photojournalist, it is important to start investing in the right equipment even before going to photography school. This equipment is expensive and it could take you years to acquire all the gear you would need for the job. You will need a high-end digital camera along with multiple lenses and flashes to take a variety of pictures.

While in photography school, you should definitely look into photojournalism internships. Many magazines, newspapers and Websites have intern openings. These positions may not pay well or anything at all, but they will look great on a resume, provide experience and may lead to full-time positions.

Landing photojournalism jobs is all about the portfolio. Build one that will impress employers and will effectively show your range as a photographer. Remember, this is a hard job that can exhaust you both physically and mentally. Photojournalists see the best and worst while covering the news but it is an important and extremely respected job in the world of photography careers.

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